Commercial Macadamia oil press machine for sale


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Commercial Macadamia oil press machine for sale

The hydraulic Macadamia oil press machine is mainly composed of oil press body , hydraulic transmission system, control system etc.

1. Oil press body: It is composed of bottom plate, column, top plate, material cylinder assembly, oil pan, nut and other parts. It is one of the main parts of the whole machine. In the material cylinder assembly, the oil-bearing material l is pushed upwards by the force of the cylinder assembly , the oil flows down from the material tank oil sump and is connected to the oil storage tank via the oil pan.

2. Hydraulic transmission system: this is the main working power source for hydraulic oil press producing high oil rate. It is composed of drive shaft, worm gear, worm, gear pump, motor, high pressure pump, overflow valve, manual control valve, cylinder assembly, Pipe joints and other parts.

3.Control system consists of a heating switch, temperature controller, voltage meter, current etc.

Additional information

Weight 1100 kg
Dimensions 95 × 85 × 155 cm



1P 220V 50Hz, 3P 380V 50Hz

Batch Load

10kg/batch (raw sesame seeds)

Processing Capacity


Motor Power


Heating Power


Temperature control

70-100 C

Working Pressure

198 Ton

System Pressure

60 Mpa

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